West Virginia Vascular Institute
Beckley, West Virginia (304) 255-3601 

The Only Medical Office in Southern West Virginia to Provide Vascular/Endovascular Treatments and Advanced Wound Care

Medical supplies - Contact our medical office in Beckley, West Virginia, for a vascular surgeon who performs vascular surgery and wound care which includes skin tissue disorders.

Dr. Oye was a graduate of Wyckoff Heights Medical residential program in Brooklyn, New York, and had a fellowship at Arizona Heart, providing him the knowledge and experience necessary to handle even the most difficult cases.  Dr. Oye is a nationally-renowned vascular/endovascular surgeon and he continues to stay abreast of the most current cutting-edge technologies to ensure his patients have the most advanced treatment options possible.

Treatments We Provide:

  • Wound Care:  We have provided independent wound care since 1997.  We can treat most wounds using traditional and innovative techniques.  We stay abreast of new advances in the field of wound care and obtain the latest equipment and supplies necessary to ensure our patients have the best medical care available.  We offer wound care for surgical incisions, decubitus ulcers, diabetic wounds and non-healing wounds, just to name a few.  If your wounds have not healed in 4 to 6 weeks from their inception, you have a chronic wound.  We can help define the exact cause and provide the appropriate wound care management.
  • Endovascular Surgery:  This occurs when the incision is only large enough for the surgeon to insert a tube through which to use miniature instruments and can be used to clean out blocked blood vessels. The dissolution of blood clots is possible by directly sending medications to the problem area.
  • Vascular surgery:  The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases affecting arteries and veins.

Contact our medical office in Beckley, West Virginia, for a
vascular surgeon who performs vascular/endovascular surgery and
advanced wound care, which includes skin tissue disorders.