West Virginia Vascular Institute
Beckley, West Virginia (304) 255-3601 

Mission Statement

The West Virginia Vascular Institute has as its primary purpose the dissemination of medical and surgical knowledge in the treatment of patients with vascular disease in the state of West Virginia.  As part of this mission we seek to educate our patients, families, medical and ancillary staff on promotion of cardiovascular health and well-being.
We are privileged that you have entrusted the Institute with your vascular health care and hope your treatment options, medical or surgical, will restore your lifestyle limitations.  We will continue to strive to keep your confidence in the ever expanding area of minimally invasive, cutting-edge technologies that we provide.  It is our hope that the Institute will continue to promote the management of vascular disease in West Virginia through a cooperative interactive partnership with its patients.
 West Virginia Vascular Institute


  1. To provide excellent and caring treatment of patients in the areas of endovascular surgery (minimally invasive), open vascular surgery (traditional or classical which is more invasive), minimally invasive treatment of vein diseases including varicose veins and blood clots.
  2. To advance a global or comprehensive wound care management system.
  3. To educate our patients and the community on the need to recognize early life or limb threatening disease problems such as stroke, aneurysms, and Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.).
  4. To continue to research and follow new cutting-edge technologies that will bring relief to our patients with vascular problems.
  5. To avail our services to all communities and patients in the management of vascular disease and advanced wound care in West Virginia .